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Look for the Member icon of the International Association of Employment Web Sites. It signifies the Sources of SuccessÔ on the Web.


Welcome to WEDDLE’s Polling Station. The Polling Station enables you to:

  • Vote for your favorite job boards and career portals, and
  • Share your opinion of the employment resources you’ve used on the Internet.


Each year, WEDDLE’s conducts a year-long ballot of recruiters and job seekers to determine which employment-related sites they like best. The balloting is open to all and covers all job boards and career portals, including those operated by commercial enterprises, associations and societies, trade organizations, college and university alumni organizations and affinity groups. The 30 sites that accumulate the most votes during the year are named WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Award winners for the next year.

WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Awards are unique and uniquely yours. They are the only awards where the winners are picked—not by pundits and so-called experts—but by you, the recruiters and job seekers who actually use the sites. As there is no higher accolade than to be recognized by one’s users, these awards are coveted by the winners and recognized by a special icon which they place on their site.

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WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Award winners, please click here.

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WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Award winners, please click on the appropriate link below.

When in doubt, consult WEDDLE’s … an industry standard.”


 WEDDLE’s is continuously compiling data and conducting research on the employment resources available on the Internet.  Our goal is to help recruiters and job seekers learn from one another and to improve the scope and quality of support they find online.

 Your ballot for WEDDLE’s User’s Choice Awards also includes a number of questions designed to acquire your insights and knowledge about what works online and what doesn’t, and most importantly, what works best.  Please take a moment to complete this portion of the ballot.  No identifying information is collected, and your privacy is absolutely guaranteed.

 In addition, you will benefit from your participation.  The information you provide will be collated with that provided by others and reported in Peter Weddle’s bi-weekly newsletter, which you can receive free.  It’s a great way to stay on top of the Best Practices in both online recruiting and online job search and career management.  To subscribe, please click here.

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