The Careerstead™ has just one mission with two interconnected parts – to help you achieve more recruiting success and build a recruiting career that fulfills and rewards you. In addition to its learning opportunities, research, and resources, therefore, it also includes the following two programs that can help you enhance your personal brand and the impact you have on the recruiting profession.


Pick the Winners of the Recruiting Service Innovation Awards (the ReSIs)

This unique awards program recognizes the sites, organizations, individuals, products, and services that are Optimizing the RECRUITER Experience™. Its premise is simple: optimizing the candidate experience is important, but it’s nothing more than an empty slogan unless you first enable and empower recruiters to perform at their peak.

ReSI2This global competition has twelve award categories that celebrate the Innovators and Innovations in talent acquisition.  And, who are the judges who pick the Winners?  You are – the talent acquisition leaders and recruiters who rely on them for recruiting success.

How is that selection made?  By casting a ballot at the ReSIs Polling Station.  So make sure your voice is heard – vote for your pick of the best recruiting resources.  And then, see who wins.  Attend the ReSIs Awards Gala – a black tie and gown (optional), red carpet, Oscars-like affair that is the best party in the field of recruiting!

For more information and to cast your ballot, please click here.


Become a Member of the TRUEad™ Marshalls Posse

Fraudulent ads – or “job scams” –cost job seekers money, cause them frustration and disappointment and can even derail their progress toward successful reemployment.  They pollute the job market and degrade the trust job seekers have in recruitment advertising.

To address this problem, TAtech: The Association for Talent Acquisition Solutions created TRUEad™ – a program designed to help job seekers avoid fraudulent ads and take advantage of the millions of genuine employment opportunities posted on the Internet.

TRUEad™ is based on a simple premise: the best way to control job scams is with collective action. It enables you to educate yourself on the kinds of job scams found online and on the best strategies and tactics for protecting job seekers from them. Then, it gives you a way to put that knowledge to work on behalf of yourself and those in the job market. You can join the TRUEad™ Marshals Posse, a worldwide group of working men and women who protect job seekers by identifying and reporting job scams whenever they occur.

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